The Making of an American Hero

What does it take to make an American hero? The refinement process requires the most precious, brave and purest of heart. The fires that fuel this process are fanned by the very breath of God. Heath’s life was transformed through this process. On 11/22/2006, God took our son in his arms and left an American Hero in his place.

Highlights of Heath’s Life

Born: 1/2/1987
Parents: Scott and Melissa Warner
Brothers: Chandler and Ashton Warner
Maternal Grandparents: Randy and Linda Metzger
Fraternal Grandparents: Jim and Ida Warner

Attended Worley Elementary, Canton Christian academy and was a graduate of McKinley Senior High School 2005. Completed certificate in Drafting from Timken Vocational Campus.

Hobbies included break dancing, foreign language including German, Japanese and Arabic. Love of different cultures, foods and the martial arts.

Enjoyed reading, hanging out with his friends and family.

Enlisted in the delayed entrance program of the Marines in Fall 2004. He joined the pool of the new recruits and began preparing to become a Marine. Heath joined the Marines for all the right reasons…love of God, love of family and a love of country.

After graduating in 2005, Heath left for basic training at Paris Island, South Carolina. He graduated on November 18, 2005. Once that training was completed Heath received additional training for SOI (school of infantry training at Camp Legune North Carolina. After successfully completing this training Heath was stationed at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii were he received his desert training to prepare him for his deployment in Iraq. Heath was deployed on September 11, 2006 for Iraq. On 11/22/06, Heath was killed in action when his vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb. He was 19 years old.

Heath’s was received back into Ohio on December 2, 2006 at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. He received a dignified reception consisting of Marine escort, city dignitary, Marine Honor guard, TSA procession and his parents, Scott and Melissa Warner, Pastor Terry and Lynn Kirschman, and city police.

On December 5, 2006 a public viewing was held at Bethel Temple Assemblies of God Church in Canton, Ohio. Several thousand people came to honor a fallen hero and his family. His funeral service was held on Wednesday, December 6, 2006 in the church sanctuary which was filled to capacity. The funeral honored the life and sacrifice of our beloved hero. Following the service, a processional through the streets that were familiar to Heath in antique horse drawn hearse. Hundreds of fellow Cantonians, friends and family came out to pay respect on a cold December Day. The route included the park of presidents, the family home and Worley Elementary.

Heath was buried at Arlington National Cemetery on Tuesday, December 12, 2006. A private ceremony for family was held and he received full military honors. He is buried in Section 60 which is the location of the fallen troops for the Afghanistan and Iraqi Wars. At the closing of the service, Heath’s Purple Hearts were presented to his brothers Chandler and Ashton.