The S. N. Warner Family Association

Creating a tribute to Heath has been a labor of love. We wanted to capture all the things that made Heath’s life special and at the same time carry on his legacy. As we worked through this, the purpose of his website became four fold, to honor the life and sacrifice of our beloved Heath, to centralize and archive the historical information of his life, to link with Heath’s friends and new friends about the latest events that celebrate his life and lastly to continue his legacy by promoting the endowment fund.

Our hope is that you will find this to be an interactive website. Enjoy the photos, videos, share memories, attend events, and stay connected with us. Do not worry, we will be contacting you as well if you leave your contact information in the Connect with Us tab. We hope to be able to send out electronic reminders to keep you informed of important event dates such as the Pvt. Heath D. Warner Memorial 5 K run and the Celebration Dinner we are planning.

Thank you for honoring Heath by visiting his website. Please join us in…Celebrating His Life and Sharing the Journey.

God Bless,

Scott, Melissa, Chandler and Ashton Warner